Wine & Sushi Pairing
Wine & Sushi Pairing
Pairing sushi with wine can seem complicated but there’s an option that works well for every taste when you are deciding what to drink with your sushi.

Sparkling whites are a natural choice for sushi. Crisp and palate cleansing, a good sparkling wine marries well with the vinegary rice without overwhelming the delicateness of the fish. Many people automatically think of Champagne, but a Spanish Cava is also an excellent choice.

Cool climate white wines are another good option for sushi. The bright acidity of a Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon) from Switzerland, a Gruner Vetliner from Austria or a German Riesling will all accentuate the flavours of the fish without overpowering it.

If you’d prefer a red with your sushi, you’ll want to find a light Pinot Noir. Avoid more tannic reds as they will clash with the fish and could leave you with a metallic aftertaste.

Although traditionally frowned upon (too much rice!), it is becoming more popular to enjoy sake with sushi. Which sake you opt for depends on the kind of sushi that you are eating. For sashimi and more traditional nigiri a crisp Gingo or Junmai Gingo will complement your fish well. If you are having rolls that include spicy or sweet sauces, then a Honjozo will pull the flavours together.

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