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Can You Drink Wine with Durians?

Published by Wine.Delivery

Most of us have heard at some point that durians and alcohol are a big no go, with somebody's sister's uncle's brother-in-law having died on the spot after consuming the two together.

We set out to look at the science behind this and found that while eating durian and drinking alcohol can slow down the absorption of alcohol, there is no truth to the myths about the dangers of mixing the two.

This obviously brings us to the question then of what one should be drinking with the King of the Fruits as we head into the end of the year peak season.

If you are still wary of too much alcohol with durians a sparkling Moscato is the perfect choice. Much lower in alcohol than traditional wines, the sweet sparkling wine brings out the best of the richness of the fruit without overpowering it (although let's be honest, can anything really overwhelm a durian?). A fruity sparkling red Lambrusco will also compliment the King of Fruits.

Prefer a still wine? We found that a well structured white wine with a good acidity and minerality is the best match for durian. An unoaked Sancerre was the winner in our taste test, this is definitely not a moment for a buttery chardonnay.

Happy Durian Season!