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The Perfect Wine for Turkey

Published by Wine.Delivery

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and one of the best things about living in Singapore is that you get to celebrate all the holidays! American or not, this is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family for a home cooked meal with the perfect wine.

What is the perfect wine for turkey? We're glad you asked!

Nothing says party like bubbles, so kick off your celebration with a nice Spanish Cava. If you are having a Friendsgiving then the Cava Sutra makes an excellent conversation starter. If Grandma will be joining, then perhaps the Noche Y Dia Cava Brut Nature would be more appropriate, though every family is different...

Pinot Noir is the king of Thanksgiving wines, with a subtle earthiness that goes well with the fall flavours of the meal. Fruity without being sweet, it marries well with the turkey and has enough acidity to cut through the buttery richness of the sides, which everyone knows are the real stars of the meal.

Nobody is ever still hungry by the time you get to dessert but luckily the ideal partner for pumpkin pie will also help your digestion. This is the moment to pull out the rum. Prefer a sweet wine to spirits? A late harvest dessert wine can also close the meal on a delightfully sweet note.