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Master your Australian BBQ and wine pairing

Published by Wine.Delivery

Summer sun, clear blue skies, smoky barbecues and wine are a match made in heaven. Australia introduced us to the captivating spirit of the beachside barbecue, paired with great wines to kick it up a notch.

If you're in Singapore, consider yourself lucky — the tropical sun encourages you to barbecue all year round. And you can have a great selection of Australian wines to complement your grills!

The star wines at a classic barbecue are the big reds. Shiraz – Australia's Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon proudly stand up to the robust flavours of steak. Full-bodied and richly flavoured with dark berry aromas, they can make any plate of rustic, succulent meat sing. Shiraz is especially perfect with barbequed meats, its peppery, fuller characteristics complementing the rich, smoky, and spicy flavours of the chargrilled meat.

For those mouth-watering barbecued pork ribs – sweet, sticky and simply falling off the bone, choose a wine that's fruity to cut through the oozing richness of the pork. The brightly flavoured, young red Australian Pinot Noir would be ideal, with its fragrant bouquet of cinnamon spice, sweet cherry, plums and a whisper of rosemary.

The Zinfandel is an attractive choice too. Australian Chardonnay is great for rich fish like Salmon. The wine's natural acidity cuts through the richness of the seafood, leaving the palate cleansed and refreshed. Sauvignon Blanc from the Yarra Valley, with its zingy freshness, is excellent with lighter fish. If it's barbecued poultry, you can pair it with a pale, dry Rosé. An unoaked Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are equally tasty, and don't overwhelm the palate.

Master your barbecue and wine pairing this season - eat, drink and celebrate the endless summer!