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Chinese Spirit

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Every day is a reason to celebrate-and Chinese spirits tell you how.

Wines and spirits are a staple in every Chinese household. This is because there is always a reason to make a toast-may it be for holidays and special celebrations, or when commemorating something important. Regardless of the occasion, the act of remembering the day is not complete without a drink.

Hence, if you are looking to set the tradition, then it’s best to open a bottle or two of today’s most popular Chinese spirits. You may opt to taste a piece of history with National Cellar 1573 of Luzhou, or keep things simple and intimate with the fragrant Mengzhilan M3, whose taste is borne from a mix of sorghum, rice, sticky rice, wheat, barley, maize, and pea.

Non-vintage Chinese spirits are also perfect for every day celebrations, especially if you want a subtle touch of alcohol to end the busy day. You may go for Hai Zhi Lan Oceanic Blue or the Tian Zhi Lan Celestial Blue spirits, which offer not only a crisp liquor taste, but also the calmness of the sea, thanks to their colour, scent, and concentrate.