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Japanese Whisky

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"Scotch has been synonymous with quality whisky for centuries, being firmly planted on the throne – until Japanese whiskies decided to usurp this prestigious position.

Relatively recent, Japanese whisky has fast developed its own styles, offering a smooth, mild taste crafted to appeal to the Japanese palate. Highly sophisticated and deeply satisfying,not a single label is even remotely mediocre.

The burgeoning Japanese whisky industry may be traced to Masataka Taketsuru, who distilled the first Japanese whisky in 1923, becoming Japan's first distiller at Suntory's Yamazaki distillery.

When Masataka returned from his lone voyage to Scotland, he brought with him a beautiful Scottish bride and the secrets of Scottish whisky making. But while Japanese whisky production closely follows its Scottish framework, with implementation of similar processes and importing barley and peat from Scotland, it has its own distinctive variations that lend it its unique flavours.

""Hibiki"" from Suntory, which is famous for its blends, has won numerous international awards, even appearing in Bill Murray's hand in 'Lost in Translation'. Try the 30-Year, a harmonious blend; expensive, but worth every cent, with aromas of nutmeg, apricot jam, marzipan, and nutmeg, among others. The Hibiki 12 Yo is also an expressive and exciting spirit with a spice and apple peel finish. The Sun Peace is extremely smooth, while the Koshu blended whisky may be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

A 'blend dominated market', Japan is now seeing rising interest in single malts, and distillers are currently making available and exporting the 'hidden' whiskies that were previously used for blends.

Crafted in Scottish style, Japanese whiskies are delicate and mildly perfumed with sweetness. From light to smoky, its blends and malts display a unique personality that make Japanese whiskies a connoisseur’s delight.