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Shades of Burgundy

Published by Wine.Delivery

"Burgundy invokes the gorgeous shades of red on an artist's palette, the enticing colours of a kiss, the blazing autumnal hues, the vibrant crimson of a fall collection...and a glass of rich, French Burgundy wine. Named for the deep red of the Burgundy wine, the hue adds a spirited accent to the changing season, and as the dull greys roll in, the dramatic shades of wine help dispel winter's melancholy and chill.

But Burgundy is so much more than a colour. It's an exploration in flavour, and an experience in taste. Elegant, complex and aromatic, it's a journey of the senses.

Burgundy, in France, may be small, but boasts some of the most expensive wines in the world, growing Chardonnay for white, and Pinot Noir for red. The zesty minerality that's distinctive of Burgundy wines may be traced back 200 million years when the region was a section of a tropical sea that created limestone soil. But Burgundy isn't just about the soil – it's about terroir, and the beautiful influence of every element that comes together in its making.

Burgundy spells luxury, lifestyle and all things deliciously French."