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Sparkling Celebrations

Published by Wine.Delivery

There's something magical about sparking off celebrations with the uncanny 'pop' of the Champagne bottle, and the delightful bubbly gushing out in fizzy enthusiasm. The last word in luxury wine, Champagne wins the world over with its character, depth and prominence, to command a much-deserved place on elite, elegantly dressed dinner tables. There is perhaps no other drink that captures so perfectly, the romance of a wedding, the euphoria of a win and the joy of celebrations.

Sparkling wine from Champagne, a quaint region in France, is exclusively labelled as Champagne. Boasting refreshing vine-covered hills, this premium region offers the three most significant sparkling wine grape varieties – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. With styles ranging from bone dry to sweet, including the delightful rosé, Champagne transcends the influence of any single factor in its creation, and makes the terroir come alive, gifting the world a very distinct and stylish celebratory spirit.