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New Zealand Wine

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Enthralling landscapes, crisp, clean air and the encircling Pacific...New Zealand has a way of magnifying nature's splendour. But apart from being every traveller's dream, it is also a wine connoisseur's delight. The distinctive geographical characteristics of its wine regions provide a varied terroir, while the cool temperatures encourage a slow ripening period, enhancing flavour while retaining a unique, fresh acidity.

Instrumental in defining the country's wine reputation is the relatively young Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. Intense, exuberant and pungently aromatic, this white instantly appeals with its fruity notes and fresh cut grass overtones.

The New Zealand Chardonnay, another sophisticated white wine, ranges from the unoaked style to the more concentrated Burgundy style, highlighting the country's distinctive terroir and regional diversity. These elegant, fruit driven wines are full of vitality, layered with spice and saline notes.

Pair Asian cuisines with the Riesling, which presents styles that range from dry to very sweet. Or, choose the rich and refreshing Pinot Gris. Some amount of barrel ageing builds complexity and texture in this popular white wine.

The New Zealand Pinot Noir expresses distinctive regional flavours, a rich colouring, fruit aromas and fine, lingering tannins. New Zealand Merlot is another premium, complex red wine.

New Zealand wines are best known for their purity, intensity and unique characteristics. Discover the distinctive flavours of the wine producing regions and the joy of sipping its select offerings.