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Portuguese Wine

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From the great and quirky country that Napoleon failed to conquer thrice, comes a host of wines that range from full bodied reds to summery whites to the beloved port, at great values.

Portuguese wines date back almost 4,000 years, when the ancient Phoenicians established viticulture in their colonies across the Mediterranean, and yet, it's only in recent years that the world is waking up to Portugal's secret wine treasures. Wines in Portugal have evolved using over 300 native grape varieties, many still unknown to the world. So there's lots to discover, lots to savour.

The Portuguese red wine from the Douro region is considered the most elegant. The Dao region produces full-bodied red wines, similar to Burgundy, while the Vinho Verde is the coolest, northernmost region producing refreshing white wines with high acidity. Port wine originated, and continues to be exclusively produced in the Douro region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sit back, take a sip and explore the charming tastes and flavours of Portugal's wine legacy.